The Nine Amino Acids

1.Histidine-histidine is found in the highest concentration in various types of game meat. Deer, boar and antelope are each a top source of histidine. Pork is also a good source.
2.Isoleucine-your best option is to eat egg whites, which contain by far the most of this amino acid per serving. .
3.Leucine-leucine can be found in some interesting foods, including soy, seaweed and elk.
4.Lysine-Lysine is found in the highest concentration in chicken breast meat and turkey breast meat. .
5.Methionine-As with many other essential amino acids, egg whites are the best source for methionine.
6.Phenylalanine- which is found in the highest concentration in pork, beef, turkey, veal and lamb.
7.Threonine-the top source of this amino acid are raw watercress and spinach.
8.Tryptophan- tryptophan is actually found in the highest concentration in elk and sea lion meats.
9.Valine- egg whites come in first when it comes to getting valine in your diet.

The foods that contain these amino acids are:

I’m Eggs-Eggs are considered a complete protein, which means they contain all the protein the body needs, including each of the nine essential amino acids

Meat-Animal meats such as beef, pork, chicken and turkey are complete proteins. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a 3-ounce piece of meat contains approximately 21 grams of high-quality protein.

Soybeans-Soybeans are the only plants considered a complete protein. Tofu, edamame, soy nut, miso or even soy milk are all good sources of the nine essential amino acids.

Career Investigations

•My desired career is to be a physical therapist and to help people in any need that they have.

•All physical therapists must be licensed by their states. While each state has its own requirements, most require that candidates have graduate degrees in physical therapy from accredited programs and pass the National Physical Therapy Examination. Some states may have additional requirements, such as jurisprudence exams.

•The annual income/salary is about $75,000 to $120,000 a year.

•Wood Chiropractic Clinic, Longview Orthopaedic, Trainer for Letourneau University, Good Shepherd Medical Center Rehabilitation Center, Physical Therapy Center Tyler, Tx.

Cameron Mills

240 w. George Richey rd. White Oak, TX 75693

Email: [email protected]


Objective: I desire to work as a physical therapist.

Education: Freshman at White Oak high school(2014),expected to graduate in 2018.

Experience: I have worked at a pizza parlor, mowed lawns, and I’ve been a baby and dog sitter.

Achievements: My achievements are getting second at state in wrestling, winning Houston nationals in wrestling, being on the first state champion baseball team of White Oak, being on the all A honor roll, and a being on the all A’s and B’s honor roll.

Volunteer Experience: Mowing lawns for families, helping with a homeless shelter, helping with mentally challenged children at the Truman center, cleaning out an area of land for wildlife to live.

Interest/Activities: Band, playing sports, video games, hunting, fishing, hanging out with friends, and drumming.

Computer skills: I am proficient with Microsoft word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and Internet.

References: Available upon request.

•Cameron Mills

•240 w. George richey rd.


[email protected]

•Dick Woods


•Wood Chiropractic Clinic

•202 East Us Highway 80 Suite 3

Dear Dr. Woods,

Over a period of time I’ve been looking for a job and I came across your company online and it sparked an interest in me. In college I majored in physical therapy and I feel like the offer for being a chiropractor would be a great start to help boost my career. I feel like I can contribute a lot to your company and be an efficient part of your team. I know I can and would excel at this position.

My interest in helping others has always been my motivation for pursuing this career. I have had many years of experience in helping with my high school’s football program; being a trainer, helping with workouts, and encouraging the players to always be cautious with the physical attributes of their bodies.
I would very much like to speak with you about this job offer and show you how much of an asset I can be to your company. I remember the time when I had hurt my back and I had came to you and you had helped my back feel better. So I would like to thank you for your consideration.

Poem Response

The Purpose of Poetry
This old man grazed thirty head of cattle
In a valley just north of the covered bridge
On the Mississinewa, where the reservoir
Stands today. Had a black border collie
And a half-breed sheep dog with one eye.
The dogs took the cows to pasture each morning
And brought them home again at night
And herded them into the barn. The old man
Would slip a wooden bar across both doors.
One dog slept on the front porch, one on the back.

He was waiting there one evening
Listening to the animals coming home
When a man from the courthouse stopped
To tell him how the new reservoir
Was going to flood all his property.
They both knew he was too far up in years
To farm anywhere else. He had a daughter
Who lived in Florida, in a trailer park.
He should sell now and go stay with her.
The man helped bar the doors before he left.

He had only known dirt under his fingernails
And trips to town on Saturday mornings
Since he was a boy. Always he had been around
Cattle, and trees, and land near the river.
Evenings by the barn he could hear the dogs
Talking to each other as they brought in
The herd; and the cows answering them.
It was the clearest thing he knew. That night
He shot both dogs and then himself.
The purpose of poetry is to tell us about life.

Jared Carter

Title: The Purpose of Poetry
Author: Jared Carter

This poem to me is a life lesson. The old man has been around farms his whole life and he feels that since he grew up there, he wants to die there.
I also learned that taking your own life isn’t the answer. Just find something else that is kind of like what you’re used to being around.

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